Holistic Healing, Spiritual Wellness, & Life Enrichment 


Cosmic Goddess Divine, LLC is a Unique Woman Owned Business that ascribes to the Ministry & Mission of Divine Healing,

Divine Guidance, and Divine Wisdom.


Our Mission is to share Culturally Holistic perspectives of

Health, Beauty, & Wellness

to Educate, Enlighten, & Empower our Community.

Cosmic Goddess Divine Provides Personal Services and Products for Holistic Health Advocacy, Women Wellness Advocacy, STD Prevention & Awareness,

Common Disease Prevention & Awareness, Plant-Based Lifestyle and Herbal Medicine Wellness, Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

Spiritual Wellness Practices such as Counseling, Life Coaching, Prayer, Meditation,

Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Cultural Dance and Yoga.

Our intended audience are individuals with

an Open Mind and Heart, willing to Improve their Quality of Life through Natural and Supernatural Healing, and willing to

Explore, Enjoy, and Expand their Consciousness to

create Peace, Love, & Harmony in Life,

Our Community and Our World Collectively.





  • This establishment advocate and address issues, such as Human Rights, Social Justice, Community Action, Antipoverty, World Peace, and Understanding of Universal Law.


  • This establishment advocate and address issues, such as protecting and promoting the Broad Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties of individuals and those suffering from neglect, abuse, or exploitation; Improving relations between racial, ethnic, and cultural groups; particularly the interests of specific groups, such as Women and Children.


  • This establishment advocate and address issues such as promoting Humane, Humanitarian, Natural Resource Preservation, Environment Protection, & Animal Rights.


  • This establishment advocate and address issues such as Clean Air & Clean Water and Developing Natural Resources including Land, Plant, Water, and Energy Resources;









Our Favorite Concepts to Enrich &  Inspire:

Holistic Healing of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, Good Health, Herbal Healing, Natural Well-being, Love 

and Relationships  

Purposeful Career, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunities 

Inner Growth, Balance, Truth, 

and Spiritual Development 




Guidance for Future Goals and Divine Destiny 

© 2016 by Cosmic Goddess Divine, LLC ~ Holistic Healing

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