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Nubia Ankh Ka

Nubia Ankh Ka

Cultural Conceptionist, Holistic Healer, & Womb Wellness Goddess

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Bloated & Constipated

in this pic

Not Pregnant.


Nubia Ankh Ka

 my Weight Loss &

Body Detox 


 April 2014

I was bloated, constipated, overweight, & eating anything 

 to satisfy

my hunger cravings.

 My scale was tipping

200 pounds, with a Bloated Belly, plenty of Hips &

 Butt to fit size 17 jeans.


Some would say Plumb & Thick 

but my Gut was sick & suffering from 

Irritable Bowel Symptoms.

My digestive eliminations were too far & few and laxatives or enemas simply would Not due.


It was time to Purge

Internal Blockages, Waste, Worms, Intestinal

Parasites, Polyps,


Toxins polluting my  

health & well being.

I started to

Herbal Colon Cleanse 

and began the process of eliminating 

 toxic foods & meats

from my diet

such as Pork & Beef

and consuming more plant based meals.

    Three 16 ounce bottles &

3 months into my Herbal Colon 

Cleanse  &  Detox

I felt Revitalized 

and with Real eyes I saw 

 Inches, Ounces, & Pounds 

progressively fell away

from my Body.


I was down nearly 50 pounds

and in need of some New Slim, Trim & Stylish clothing to Fit In.


To become a better

version of myself, 

 I adapted to the practice of Herbal Detoxing 

& Plant-based eating for Divine

 Quality of Life, Good Health,

& Well~being.

With Renewed confidence in

my Self Healing capabilities, 

I continue to Eat 

Consciously for my 

Mind, Body, & Spirit,





Love Thyself, Heal Thyself, 

 Know Thyself


Give Thanks to

the Divine Most High


Nubia Ankh Ka

© 2020 by Cosmic Goddess Divine, LLC ~ Holistic Healing Ministry