Organic "Black Seed" Living Bitters   this herbal detox passed down through generations of holistic healers is for the Soul purpose of Colon Cleansing, to relieve constipation, abdominal bloating, gas, poor bowel movement and to improve Optimum Health, Well Being, & Quality of Life.

Miraculous Herbal Detox to Restore Vital Energy & Strength.

Liver Detoxifier for Cellular Cleansing draws out waste, toxins, and impurities in the body for detoxification of Blood circulation & Respiratory system. 

Natural Anti-Viral, Respiratory, Asthma, & Immune system support.

Promote Healthy Kidney & Liver performance, Weight Loss, Relieve Bloating constipation, Lower cholesterol, Blood pressure, & diabetes

Energy Enhancer.  


Vegan, Organic, & Natural 

Organic "Black Seed" Living Bitters 16 oz.

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