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Cosmic  Goddess Tarot Readings

Clairvoyant Tarot Card readings advise on

matters of Life to initiate Spiritual Guidance Growth & Self-Reflection for Soul Evolution.  


Crystal Energy Healing

Brings mental Clarity, Inner Peace,

Balance & Harmony with the Jewels  & Gems of Mother Earth,



Birth Chart & Compatibility Readings

Use your Cosmic Blueprint aka Birth Chart

to Know Thyself for Insight into your Consciousness, Characteristics, 

Personality Traits, & Relationship Compatibility. 

"Ari Ankh Ka"

Kemetic Body Temple Yoga  

Chakra Clearing & Balance

Our Seven Chakras are Vortex energy centers

in our bodies for Animation of Consciousness. 

Yoga & Chakra "Chi" Revitalize is an Ancient Holistic Practice to clear stagnate Energy Blockages and Balance Energy for

Soul Prayer & Meditation.    


Cosmic Goddess Tarot Card Readings offer

an Ancient Divination Art aka Soul Magic

to initiate metaphysical energies within

for Soul Growth & Development 


 spiritual guidance counseling & self-reflection

into a deeper understanding of Thyself

serving the Purpose of 

healing, life navigation, and Soul Evolution.

Get the clarity and guidance you seek Today !

All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results.

Please contact us for appointments & inquires 

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