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Healing The Cosmic GodDess & her Divine Womb: 

What is the Womb ?

Super Natural Wombman

The Womb also known

as the Uterus

is the most Feminine part of Woman, the Birth place of

Life itself,  the most Ancient & Sacred  space of Creation.

The Womb is the Gateway for spiritual beings to come into

physical Existence.

Every single Human being that has ever been alive upon

this Earth comes from Her,

the Womb of Woman.  

Woman you carry the

Divine Portal of Life,

the Micro replica of the

Macro Mother

Cosmic Goddess.

She is Deeper than Sex.

She is Every Womb~man.

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What is Womb Trauma?

Womb Trauma is any Insult or Strain on the Womb or entry of the Womb (the Vagina) this includes Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast infections, STDs,  Cervical Dysplasia, Cyst, Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, HPV, Pregnancy, C-section, Miscarriage,  Abortion,

Sexual abuse, Exploitation, Molestation, Rape


any other Dis-Ease that Destroys the Peace, Power, Purpose, and

 Potential of the Womb. 

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Sacred Yoni Steamyn Vagina Spa


Vaginal Detox Pearls


Sacred Yoni Steamyn is an ancient  &  

  unique Herbal Healing spa service for the internal Detoxification


& Resuscitation

 of the Vagina & womb




yoni steamyn.jpg

Refresh Yourself

Goddess Herbal Steaming Blend:

Queen of the Meadow,

Lady's Mantle, Motherwort, Angelica, Pennyroyal, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Red Clover, Calendula, Blue Cohosh, Lobelia, Holy Basii, Hyssop, Neem, Horny Goat Weed,

Wild Yam Root. 

Sage    Bay Leaf    Lavender   

Rosehips   Peppermint  Raspberry   

Rose Petals   Cloves   Oregano 


Orange Peel    

Sea Kelp  &  Sea Salt

Women Wellness Zoom.jpg

Healing Elixir 

*Do Not Use if you are Pregnant*

3 VaginalDetoxPearls .jpg

Restore Healthy Vaginal pH of 4.5

Tighten & Tone Pelvic Muscle for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reduce the growth of “bad bacteria” Bacteria Vaginosis & Candida Yeast

Remove pathogens that may cause complications of

dis-ease or infection

in the Vagina & Womb

How to Use Vaginal Detox Pearls

4. Diet , Stress. Sexual Habits, Health, & Hygiene play a Major role in Fibroid development. 

Promote healing of

irregular menstrual, severe cramps,

pH imbalances, hormonal imbalance,

 bacteria vaginosis, vaginal infections,

yeast, cyst, PCOS, Fibroids,


cervical dysplasia, infertility,

Pelvic Inflammatory disease,   

vaginal dryness, vaginal odor, 

menopausal hot flashes, 

&  other Reproductive

and Sexual related issues.

Open Pearl pack

& unravel cotton string

attached to pearl.

Do Not remove string

from the pearl,

String is needed to 

Remove from Vagina

(Like Tampon)

Soak pearls in Bath Cup

for about 3 minutes  


Insert 1 to 3 pearl(s)

 deep into vagina near

Cervix Opening & Womb.

Use your fingers

(She is Yours)

or use tampon shaft

for length

(Do Not insert tampon cotton)

Pearls are properly positioned

when you No longer feel them

in Vaginal canal,

Allow string to hang out 


After 72 hours (3 days),

slowly pull string to remove pearl

& use vaginal healing soap bar


Panty liner may be worn for

Discharge of Cervical Womb Waste

related to Endometriosis, Fibroids, & PCOS

Abstain from sex

 for 1 to 3 additional days to

allow Natural Re~Moisturization of Vagina  


Repeat as Necessary for

Womb Healing & Vaginal Rejuvenation


***Consultation Available*** 


Womb Healing Regimens 

3 Vaginal Pearls.jpg

All Natural Herbal Ingredients

Angelica ~ aka “Dong Quai” Ultimate Female Ginseng  

Herb for Sensuality & Sexuality treats Womb

 issues including Hormonal Imbalance,

Menopausal Hot flashes,

Lack of Sexual Desire, PMS, and

Menstrual cramps.


Camphor ~ aka “Borneol”

Shrink & Reverse Fibroids,

Anti-Bacterial action, inhibits & Remove Pathogenic Bacteria, Anti-inflammatory, pain relief,

resuscitate & revive womb consciousness.


Coumarin ~ aka “Osthol” Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fibrotic, Anti-Fungal,

kills Parasitic Pathogens, Relieves itching & irritation, , Strengthen, Tighten & Tone Vaginal and Womb Wall muscles. 

Motherwort ~ aka “Lion's Heart” Strengthens Pelvic, Vaginal & Womb muscles, regulates menstrual, Improves fertility, Reduce Anxiety, Postpartum depression, Menopausal, PMS,  

Heals Feminine reproductive issues, Stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area, womb, mind & heart to purge emotional strain & stress.


Wild Yam Root~aka “Rhizoma” invigorates Blood circulation to the Womb, Relieves pain caused by stagnate energy, Enhance “Yin Qi” ( Feminine Chi)

Yoni Life force energy.



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Womb Healing Vaginal Detox Pearls





Bacteria Vaginosis



Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls


Womb Healing Vaginal Detox Pearls

Scar Tissue 

Womb Healing Yeast discharge
Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls


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